Jessica P. Cerdeña, MD, PhD

Pressing Onward: The Imperative Resilience of Latina Migrant Mothers

About the Book

Pressing Onward centers the stories of mothers who migrated from Latin America, settled in New Haven, Connecticut, and overcame trauma and ongoing adversity to build futures for their children. These migrant mothers enact imperative resilience, engaging cognitive and social strategies to resist racial, economic, and gender-based oppression to seguir adelante, or press onward. Both a contemporary view of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on racially minoritized populations and a timeless account of the ways immigration enforcement and healthcare inequality affect migrant mothers, Pressing Onward uses ethnography to tell a greater story of persistence amid long-standing structural violence.



University of California Press


May 2023

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Pressing Onward book trailer (English)

Pressing Onward book trailer (Spanish)


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